The Cottage In is located at
129 N. Baca Ave.
Elkhart, Kansas 67950

You can call us anytime for directions at:

To get to the The Cottage Inn we have provided an assortment of maps to help you find your way.

Our nearest cities large cities with airports are Amarillo, Texas; Liberal, Kansas; Garden City, Kansas; Denver, Colorado; Wichita, Kansas.

Elkhart, Kansas has a small airport which is also available for visitiors with airplanes or anyone that wishes to charter an airplane. If you do not want to drive from Amarillo or other surrounding airports we recommend you contact Lyddon Aero Center at the following web page: for option to charter a flight.

If you chose to drive please download the maps at the right and print them out for your trip. They are all at different zoom levels to give you a better idea where we are at.

Please click on the images to the right to go to a large high resolution image suitable for printing. We hope that it helps you find your way to The Cottage Inn!




State Wide Map
Southwest Kansas Map
Outside Rolla Kansas Map
In-Town Map
Closest Map